Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Back of the Bus

All the cool kids in the back of the bus.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Smackdown by Eric Joyner

Smackdown by Eric Joyner
Originally uploaded by longplay
Saw this at a local coffee shop.

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Like Jam Master Jay (RIP), cuttin' and scratchin' are the aspects of my game. So last night, I was up to my usual tricks when I decided to pull out an old classic, Tricky, by Run DMC. My DMC collection runs deep so selected a remix 12". On this particular cut, the music in the background is a bit different. Listening to the album, I couldn't help but notice a sample. It is from My Sharona, by the Knack.

Digging around a bit, I found that the Knack took some 20 years to discover the sample. I guess they were not big Hip-Hop fans, eh?

The best part of the video is the helicopter. Run's girlie loses her gold chain to Penn and Teller in a game of Three Card Monte. She then picks up the chopper phone and dials Run. "They took my chain!," she screams. Run directs Jay, the chopper pilot of course, to the scene. People start pointing overhead as the DMC chopper lands. Run, Darrel, and Jay flip the script on Penn and Teller, taking back the gold chain plus all their jewelry. Run DMC then dress Penn and Teller up in their signature threads and Addidas kicks and show them how to strut and dance on stage.

Here's a nice vid someone has put together. Some folks call it a mash-up, I call it Tricky, mmm hmm.

Tricky Sharona

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