Saturday, May 29, 2010

Art 'n' Soul: 3 bands, Dj's, Art, Live Art Plus skateboarding.

Voodoo Lounge San Jose played host for the Art 'n' Soul bash Thursday night featuring 3 bands, Dj's, art, live art plus skateboarding.

Back up to Tax Day, April 15th 2010. Noggin had just thrown down his signature one-footer on this sculpture outside Roosevelt Skatepark.

Noggin One Footer B&W

A nice B&W treatment of the shot was sent off to Low Card in honor of Nog's beanie.

Nog was stoked to get some additional shots in anticipation of his art show. Few details were known at that point. Art, live music, booze. Sounds good.

A few days later the flyer for the event was getting drawn up. The B&W one-footer was selected. Hail yea! Bands were detailed, deejays listed, artists given their billing. How would skaters be able to slay in the middle of a bar with a live band playing?

Here's how:

Art, Skating, Live Music and Booze: Art 'n' Soul

Aww shit!

Everyone was having a great time. Devin Scott got some and got some.

Devin Tych

Another member of the SMALLBeating crew Gettin' Smithy With It.

Gettin' Smithy With It

I had the chance to meet Noggin's mom at the event. She's cooler than your mom.


Juan was in the house as well. Back from the D/L list, he took no pause at getting all over the ramp, no doubt after some "mota"-vation.

Yea Juan!

The heaviest hitter of the ramp was definitely Blake. He was smiling and laughing all night and pushing the other skaters to new heights. At this point, he had transferred off the ramp to the artist's stage on the left then kickflipped off.

Ramp Transfer to Stage to Kickflip

In addition to the number of fine females in the audience, at least one took to the ramp to show the boys how its done.

Steezy Slide

Some folks took a break from all the activity to throw a few back.


Here's more of Blake killing it.

Ollie under the Disco Ball

Hawaii 5-0 Nosegrab

Sweet Melon

We closed the place down by around 2AM and headed out to recover from all that booze!

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Queen v The Miami Project

New twist on a classic: Another One Bites the Dust, Queen v The Miami Project

Heavy rotation on the turns at my pad.

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Take that Shit to Trial

Get your 12 white folks and take that shit to trial bitch!

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jsquared Magazine Feature

I was pleased to learn that my photo of Brad McClain's Frontside Air titled "Hey, Don't Move" has been selected as the photo of the month for JSQUARED Magazine. You can view a preview right here:

JSQUARED Magazine: Skate Photo of the Month

Here's the original photo, also featured in Thrasher's Photograffiti

"Hey, Don't Move"

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Monday, May 10, 2010

2010 Ski Season: Day 25-Alpine Meadows

Location: Alpine Meadows
Date: 5/9/2010
Conditions: Spring

Rough Morning

Break out the balloon, I made my target of 25 days. We were 2 of about 240 people on the mountain Sunday. I have to say, getting up to the top of Alpine Bowl at 9:15 for the above shot made my day.

The next special thing happened 3/4 the way down the first run. As I came down the middle of the slope alone, I spotted a critter scampering across the snow. I skied over to his hideout, a well for the snowmaking equipment long-since turned off, and saw him up close. It was a groundhog. I sat 5 feet downhill from him and he stared at me. After a while, the woodchuck gave up his hiding spot and scurried across the rest of the run and safely into the trees. I don't think another soul saw him.

The day was much colder than I would have anticipated. The sun only lasted for the first couple of runs before the sky turned gray. By the last run of the day, wouldn't you know it, it started to snow!

That's it for this season, tune in next year folks.

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2010 Ski Season: Day 24-Squaw

Location: Squaw Valley
Date: 5/8/2010
Conditions: Firm, sugar, hot-butter-mush

Granite Chief

Day 24 started out on the Funitel as usual. We hit Gold Coast Express then over to Shirley Lake. Conditions were really good, nicely groomed, good coverage. It was windy though. We took the chance to get on Granite Chief and it was much nicer over there.

After a while on the Shirley side we hit Headwall Express. Boy, that was super windy. I had my best run of the day off of Headwall and into Siberia Bowl. Noone had hit that face and I jumped into the bowl through some marker poles and got some good turns.

We headed off the mountain by 3:30 or so to make candles. Yup, candles.

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2010 Ski Season: Day 23-Sierra-at-Tahoe

Location: Sierra-at-Tahoe
Date: 4/18/2010
Conditions: Spring

My Next Jump

Morning was nice, afternoon got pretty slopping under 50 degrees plus temps.

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