Friday, December 02, 2011

Richmond Vert Remote Camera

Wednesday night means one thing: Richmond Vert.  Greg and the fellas get together to get weightless on the eleven foot ramp.  The shots below need some explanation.  The photos were made possible with a remote camera.  While taking one photo, two cameras simultaneously got the shot from two angles.

Chris Henderson

Hendo Back Lip

Back Lip

Hendo Alleyoop Switch Nosegrind Fakie

Alleyoop Switch Nosegrind to Fakie

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Motorcycle Track Day: Laguna Seca, Part 1

Track Day

Laguna Seca

Part 1

A buddy at work races motorcycles and invited me to come down to a track day.

Turn 4

Turn 4 Exit

Turn 4 Tight


Turn 11 Entry

Aggressive Turn

27 Turn 11

Offroad Adventure


Wheelie Time

Walking Away

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Scott Bank

The Colombian Brothers, Carlos and Juan Pena are always down to skate.  We hit up this bank spot off Scott street for a second session.

Juan, Stalefish


Juan Melon


Alternate view of the Stale, guest photo by Kristi:


Finally, here's our first take from back in April.

Juan Back Alley Ollie

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Monday, November 07, 2011

Log Shop and San Jose Dock Spot

The rain tried to keep us down this weekend.  Instead, we got busy at the Log Shop.


Backside Ollie


Rock n Roll



Hurricane Fakie

The weather held up for the day Sunday.  After Pacifica, I headed down to San Jose for some night street shots.

First shot is a guest contribution taken by Juan's girl Christie.

Guest Shot

While she was on the fish I setup with the long lens to grab these.

Carlos Loading Dock Ollie

Juan Loading Dock Ollie

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tim Brauch Memorial Contest 2011: Warmups

Tim Brauch Memorial Contest 2011
Skull Bowl
Lake Cunningham
San Jose, CA


Cab Chillin

Reigning Grandmaster: Steve Caballero

Longhair Carve

Starting it off with a longhair front side grind

Hosoi Back 50-50

Christian Hosoi on a back 50-50

Josh Borden Back 5-0

Josh Borden Back 5-0

Salba Invert

Salba Invert



Gurney F/S 5-0

Gurney rides for Bloodwizard.  Love those guys!  Still looking for Mongo Monster.

Salba F/S 5-0

Steve Alba makes it look so easy.


This was one of my favorites from the session.  Gurney, nailing a front smith in the deep.



Hosoi Charging

Hosoi Charging

Huge Backside Air in the deep



Sky Siljeg Back Feeble

Sky Siljeg Rippin!

Bennet Harada 5-0

Bennet Harada 5-0


Big Smith

Upside Down Man

Mr Upside-Down Man himself, Jeff Hedges

You can also see last year's contest coverage right here.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Napa Part 2: Concrete Mini

Demarcus brought us to this sweet backyard hand-poured concrete mini. I've never seen anything like it. They just finished it with the pool coping. Sesh-on!

Aaron up first with this crazy salada.

Next he busts out a fat front feeble.

Demarcus attached this think. He had so many crazy bonelesses I lost track.

Here's a sweet 50-50 chunky grind new pool coping.

Last up was Stephen with the front blunt.

For the earlier bank session, see Part 1.

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