Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tim Brauch Memorial Contest 2011: Warmups

Tim Brauch Memorial Contest 2011
Skull Bowl
Lake Cunningham
San Jose, CA


Cab Chillin

Reigning Grandmaster: Steve Caballero

Longhair Carve

Starting it off with a longhair front side grind

Hosoi Back 50-50

Christian Hosoi on a back 50-50

Josh Borden Back 5-0

Josh Borden Back 5-0

Salba Invert

Salba Invert



Gurney F/S 5-0

Gurney rides for Bloodwizard.  Love those guys!  Still looking for Mongo Monster.

Salba F/S 5-0

Steve Alba makes it look so easy.


This was one of my favorites from the session.  Gurney, nailing a front smith in the deep.



Hosoi Charging

Hosoi Charging

Huge Backside Air in the deep



Sky Siljeg Back Feeble

Sky Siljeg Rippin!

Bennet Harada 5-0

Bennet Harada 5-0


Big Smith

Upside Down Man

Mr Upside-Down Man himself, Jeff Hedges

You can also see last year's contest coverage right here.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Napa Part 2: Concrete Mini

Demarcus brought us to this sweet backyard hand-poured concrete mini. I've never seen anything like it. They just finished it with the pool coping. Sesh-on!

Aaron up first with this crazy salada.

Next he busts out a fat front feeble.

Demarcus attached this think. He had so many crazy bonelesses I lost track.

Here's a sweet 50-50 chunky grind new pool coping.

Last up was Stephen with the front blunt.

For the earlier bank session, see Part 1.

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Sitting by the Dock

Another bank spot?!? Cali loading docks have these awesome skateable bank ends.

Black Talon Security Rolls up on the Set

Demarcus and Stephen: We're, uhh, just leaving.
Black Talon Security: Oh, you guys getting some footage?
D&S: Umm, yea
BT: Oh, that's cool.
D&S: Umm, okay.
BT: See you guys later, drives off

Demarcus, Fatty to Flatty

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011