Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010

2010 Ski Season: Day 22-Kirkwood

Location: Kirkwood
Date: 4/10/2010
Conditions: Groomers, crunchy, windy


So I've matched my previous season total of 22 days which is also the most I've had in any season. I'm pretty happy about that. Carl contacted me on Facebook to see if I wanted to hit Kirkwood and the answer was an obvious yes. We headed out at 5AM and made it to Kirkwood by 8:30 or so. Carl rides a board and has gotten in 10 or so days this season. I know Kirkwood pretty well so I took him around starting off on some blues to warm up.

We headed to the backside and were disappointed to learn that Chair 4 was closed for wind. Oh well, at least we made it to the backside on potentially the last day it was open for the season.

That afternoon we met up with Walter (PPK) from the Bay Area Ski Bus. He was up with a bunch of rippers who had a cabin near 89&50. One guy in particular, Eric, was an amazing skier. I had to ask him to slow it down by 50% so I could see WTF he was up to. We did a bunch of laps on 6 before Carl and I reconnected and hits some blues to wind down the day.

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Friday, April 09, 2010

2010 Ski Season: Day 21-Alpine Meadows

Location: Alpine Meadows
Conditions: Soft Snow, Spring, Bluebird
Date: 4/7/2010

Alpine Meadows remains one of my favorite resorts. Skiing solo on a mid-week trip, I was determined to rack up some serious vertical footage. I hit the backside all morning and came back down the Expert Shortcut, one of my favorite runs there. The run of the day was through Pallisades. Great snow, great moguls, nice and steep, and all to myself.

Here's the stats for the day and the map:

26617 vertical feet
52 miles

View Track 15 in a larger map

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2010 Ski Season: Day 20-Sugar Bowl

Location: Sugar Bowl
Date: 4/2/2010
Conditions: Wind Blown

Sugar Bowl Pow Pow

Lots of powder all over the mountain. Unfortunately, severely high winds had blown most of it into a weird punchy pack. The first runs of the day were all on untracked which was nice. I took a lesson in the afternoon and hit Strawberry fields and some other fun stuff off of Disney. Summit was closed all day.

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