Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Lemonade Drops

G Love's new album Lemonade dropped today. I was lucky enough to attend a record release party last night at the Tower Records at Bay and Columbus in San Francisco. I pre-ordered two CDs at the store shortly before the show. G played about 6 songs, two from his new album. After the show, he held an autograph session for all the fans. I planned ahead and brought my self-titled record along. A funny exchange took place when I got up to the front of the line:

D: Hey G, would you be so kind?
G: Aww, where did you get this?!?
D: It's a secret
G: Heh, okay
J: Ohh, check out this old school shit!
H: Cool!
D: Thanks fellas.
H: Nice watch man.
D: Thanks, you guys have a nice trip down the coast and back. I'll see you Sunday up in the mountains.

Here's a link to the Yahoo review:


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