Thursday, October 26, 2006

26 and 27

Two of my lucky numbers are 26 and 27. I am not particularly superstitious or anything, I just like both numbers. Given that today is October 26th, and tomorrow the 27th of 2006, I'm feeling like it's my time.

Here's something I read today which I really liked. I'll admit it starts out geeky but the rest is just plain fun.

> 1) What value is ICMP if everybody pretty much considers it's accuracy
> suspect?

because for some uses, narrow precision is not needed. like is it
pingable? what is the current path?

my eyes are not highly accurate at measuring distance, color, size,
motion, ... accurately. but i'll keep them, thanks.

> 2) How does ICMP's suspect nature affect Path MTU?

pmtu is hosed for other sicker reasons



on precision
guy is at mummy exhibit in british museum
asks guard how old mummy is
guard says 2007 years
guy asks how he knows 2007
guard replies that he's been here seven years and mummy was 2000
years old when he got here

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