Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Gute Fahrt

A friend invited me to go sailing with him Sunday out on the San Francisco bay. We arrived at the harbor at Sausalito and set sail aboard the 31 ft Gute Fahrt which translates from Gernman into "Good Journey."

It was quite fun being out there under sail cruising around the SF bay. We went all the way out to the bay bridge and then headed back. We stopped in Tiburon for dinner. It was pretty cool to pull up in a sail boat, disembark, sit down for a fancy dinner, then get back on the sailboat to head home.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Demetri,

one small correction
"guht fahrt" translate to "good journey".

btw. it contains a typo: "Gute Fahrt" would be correct.

Greeting from germany

btw. we were playing backgammon at lake tahoe @ pat's birthday event

dmourati said...

Thanks, Peter, for the spelling lesson and translation help. I was going from memory and from the translation of my buddies.

Take care,