Monday, February 18, 2008

2008 Ski Season: Day 6

Today was day three for us on our Alyeska trip. I woke up first thing and called the Chugach Powder Guides to reserve a spot on the snowcat for tomorrow. With the snowcat trip tomorrow locked in, I was able to focus on today. The weather cooperated a bit more and we got a full day of skiing in. The morning was spent doing laps off of chair 4. We found out that chair 6 was going to open at around 1 PM. We broke for lunch, took chair 4 up, skied down to chair 6, and rode chair 6 to the top. The snow was great at the top as it was unaffected by the rain over the past few days. Earlier in the day, we saw the snowcats making paths through the ungroomed and we decided to follow those tracks out.

A few rounds on chair 6 later, we found an awesome line off of the chair lift. It was really steep with a ton of snow. I got some good turns in and was pretty happy with my skiing.

Tomorrow is shaping up to be an epic day. More to follow.

Update: Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun

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