Thursday, March 27, 2008

2008 Ski Season: Day 11

Location: Squaw Valley
Conditions: groomed, soft, variable

In the morning, I headed over to Emigrant lift to try to get into the Funnel. It was roped off and the conditions were pretty bad. I took Shirley Bowl a few times then headed to Granite Chief.

I had a lesson scheduled for 12:00 noon. We lucked out and got Thomas Gardtman, a world class skier and coach. He was amazing. The two hour lesson was an attempt to teach us to carve. Thomas would get so low and put so much pressure on his skis, he would come out of turns with more speed than going in.

I tried to follow his tracks for the whole day and failed miserably. He is simply too fast. It was a ton of fun though and i learned so much from him.

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