Sunday, April 13, 2008

2008 Ski Season: Day 14

Location: Sugar Bowl
Conditions: Spring

Today was a hot one. I bet it got up to 65 degrees by noon. The morning was awesome with groomers abound and few people on the mountain. We hit some black diamonds after lunch and had fun off the Disney peak. The ski team was out in hula themed outfits with skirts and even a few coconut tops. Somehow it is an elicit thrill to be able to ski when it is so warm out.

I talk to a patroller on a lift up who told me Sugar Bowl planned to stay open until April 27. I suppose there is a possibility to go back there this season but I really look forward to getting there next season on a powder day. It is a cool mountain and I'd like to check the rest of it out under better conditions.

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