Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Today is my 34th birthday! 2007/2008 has been fantastic. As I write this I'm recovering from an awesome kung fu workout. In addition to martial arts, skiing has been a huge part of the past year. My interest in cycling has also blossomed this year. Between June and September 2008, I participated in over 10 organized rides, including the Sequoia Century (I did 35 m), Giro Di Peninsula (70 m) and Livestrong Challenge (65 m).

While my active lifestyle has been fun, I have to say having Jodi along with me for all the above has made it great. She ripped it up at Sierra, Squaw, Northstar, and Sugar Bowl. We shopped for a bike for her in June and by the end of the month, she was riding 70 miles competitively. We formed team JD for the Livestrong challenge and tackled the Metcalf Mauler. We're still eying a century ride in 2008 though we may have to wait to 2009.

Tonight, we'll enjoy a quiet meal at home. I can't imagine a better celebration.

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Eric said...

Happy birthday!

p.s. Hi, Jodi!