Thursday, April 09, 2009

2009 Ski Season: Day 22

Location: Sugarbowl
Date: 4-10-2009
Conditions: powpow

Wow. Everything finally came together today. A new bus was added for the trip to Sugarbowl after the first one sold out by Sunday. We made it to Sugar Bowl by 8:30, leaving plenty of time for me to catch first chair!

First run, pure powder. Noone on the mountain. It was surreal.

I found a few gates marked "open" off Lincoln and saw Ski Patrol working to drop the ropes. At one point, I thought ski patrol was chasing me for ducking the ropes. The female patroler responded "I'm not chasing you, I'm skiing."

After a few laps in the park I took a brief lunch break and then a few more turns through SB's awesome terrain park before hooking up with a free group lesson starting at 1. Lessons were divided into six groups, numbered one through six by ability level. I had a brief discussion with an Instructor in the cafeteria and based on my description of my skiing, he put me at level 6.

The lesson moved pretty rapidly into some cliff areas and tree skiing. By 3PM, we were all over the mountain rippin fast lines. It was a blast.

You really can't beat spring powder skiing. What a day!

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