Tuesday, February 16, 2010

San Jose's Finest/Nicest Cop

San Jose's Finest/Nicest Cop
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San Jose's Finest/Nicest Cop

Cop: What are you guys shooting some film here.
D: Pictures
Cop: Cool
D: umm
Cop: How much longer are you guys going to be here:
Carlos: 30 minutes?
Cop: Okay, you guys aren't breaking anything right?
Demetri: Absolutely not, we're being very careful
Cop: Good, I got some ccomplaints
Demetri: What was the complaint?
Cop: Skateboarders vandalizing a car lot
D: Negative
Cop: Oh, well, technically this i private property, unless...does one of you guys own this car lot? (loaded with $50k Land Rovers)
D: We wish
Cop: Okay, just don't break anything

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