Tuesday, March 30, 2010

2010 Ski Season: Day 18-Northstar (Show Some Respect)

First run down, Jodi and I are hitting Lookout Mountain, making slow turns on a groomer day and I get bored. I decide to start maching down the mountain as fast as I can on Martis. I reach terminal velocity right at the bottom of the run and see some rollers that could spell trouble. I turn around the first, negotiate the second, and completely miss the third roller.




Ski falls off.

Knee in my chest?

Helmet on the snow?

Goggles crash into my face.

Skier who witnesses all of this as I fly by him and proceed to destroy myself at the flat part of the run brings my ski along.

"Now that's what I call a yardsale."

me: I thought I had it

skier: "Ya, you tried to bring it back in."

Click back in, go up, little tender in my chest.

Next run. Two skiers buzz by me and shout epithets. I'm not for that so I get on my horse to chase them down.


Down again.




Trying to stop.

Still sliding.

Finally stop. My right ski is about 30 yards up the mountain. Picture Jodi, on her 152's, skiing the steepest part of the run, carrying my lone 184.

Click back in, ski to the bottom, wonder WTF?

Lunchtime, "Hey honey, is my eye all red here?"

Jodi: Yep.

How about under my eye

Jodi: Yea, you've got a bit of a black eye going.

Ski the rest of the day, no issues.

Last run, skiing a lonely blue. Boom, ski pops off. I'm on one ski. I'm turning dragging a boot for good measure. I go down. She brings my ski down to me for the second time. I look at the binding. WTF.

Ahh, that explains the second and third falls. Two of the three screws holding in my toe piece were ripped out on the first run of the day.

Next day, ouch, my rib hurts.

End result: busted binding, busted rib, black eye

Lesson learned, show some respect for the mountain, at least on the first run of the day.

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Darryl said...

My wife broke part of her heel boarding on the steep top part of Martis on a hardpacked day. (Odd impact just during a turn, we theorized that her foot must've been angled just so.) Lookout can be rough if they haven't gotten fresh in a while.