Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fayuca Skateboards

Location: 6TwentyOne Skateshop, Livermore, CA (Blue Bar Parking lot)
Date: 9-18-2010
Conditions: Misty, overcast

It was about 9:30 in the morning. Mike from Skidmark Skatemag had strict instructions to the judges and photographers to get there early for the scoop. Previous attempts to pry loose any information about the Poker Run he organized for the day were unsuccessful. We rolled in, bleary eyed and hungry for information.

Puke was visible outside the shop. We later learned it most likely originated from the shop's owner. Phone calls went unreturned. The natives were restless.

Mike introduced me to Jose, the man behind Fayuca Skateboards. Turns out Jose is quite a skate photographer and has put together a sweet little unit to skate for his label. I start angling for who's on his team and learn I know three of the four guys. The fourth is his young nephew, 11.

Jose Fayuca Skateboards

I plan to shoot one of his skaters in San Jose when we get back. I contact Joe Morales and set up a session for Monday night. Joe wants to skate something "industrial." By Tuesday, Jose has taken the shot and updated the Fayuca Skateboards homepage.

And You Don't Stop

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