Sunday, February 08, 2009

2009 Ski Season: Day 10

Location: Kirkwood
Conditions: Powder
Date: 2/7/2009

Mantra on the Attack

First two runs of the day were pure powder pleasure. Lots of fresh on the front side to be had. Avy control in full effect from 9 AM till about 10.

At 10, after hearing a lull of the big 75mm Howitzer, we headed to the backside. Big mistake. The top of sunrise was a whirlwind. Snow pelted our faces. We couldn't tell if it was new snow or stuff getting blown around. Visibility was near zero.

We bailed on the backside and headed over to Cornice. More trouble at the top there, but not as bad.

Lots of fresh in the trees even late in the day. By 3, the sun started to peak out.

Pretty darn good day out there.

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