Friday, January 15, 2010

2010 Ski Season: Day 6-Heavenly

Location: Heavenly
Date: 1/10/2010
Conditions: Variable

On Sunday, we were joined by Laura who was out for her first day since a nasty spill at Heavenly last year. Again, we hit the gondy first thing in the morning. This time, however, we needed to pull some shady steps to cash in two more Warren Miller Dynasty vouchers she had scored on Craigslist. Since we had already used ours, we neede two straw men to complete the transaction. Enter Michelle and Jimmy. We dragged them out to the mountain that morning but we faced on additional problem: no printer access at the cabin. A few well-placed phone calls later and we found ourselves at the Harrah's business center paying $1.50 per page to print the vouchers plus a $10 minimum usage charge. Oh well. Still saved a ton of money in the process. More on the money aspect later, this is South Lake Tahoe and we're at a casino after all.

Like Day 5, we spent most of our time on the Nevada side cruising blue groomies. The place was much less crowded giving us a greater chance to lap runs.

We also checked out Perimeter which was in pretty bad shape. There was a nice flyover by some fighter jets as we dipped lower down the mountain and found bare spots and exposed gravel. Having thoroughly explored the Nevada side, we headed back to California for Sky Express laps. The snow was in decent shape and I finally found my turning groove. It feels weird to make progress on an off day just goofing around but I'll take what I can get. I found that by turning my hips and really letting the skis whip around I was able to get a better carve with less energy. Who knew?

As the day wound down we connected with our snowboarding brethren and headed back down the gondy. In the ride down, the bets placed that morning during the printer expedition came to light. Our group had put down a significant series of bets on the Green Bay Packers. Growing up in Chicago a rival of the Chedheads, I kept quiet. As we returned to Fire and Ice, I whispered to Jodi that I was not rooting for the Packers.

Praying for the Packers over  a Bud Light

As fate would have it, the game went into overtime after a flurry of lead changes during the apparent defensive-less fourth quarter. On the fist drive, the Green Bay Quarterback threw a partially blocked pass which he then kicked into the hands of a defensive lineman who returned it for a touchdown. What a bizarre play.

We headed back to the Tahoe Keys for a scrumptious dinner followed by the possibly the worst board game play in the history of board games. Cards were literally thrown into the fireplace. For those of you considering a harmless game of Taboo, get the anniversary edition please.

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