Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Nor Cal Death Match #1 Prints Available

The Nor Cal Death Match stop #1 went off with a bang. Josh Mattson took first place with his aggressive skating and bowl domination. Not to be overlooked however was Brad McClain's performance including his nosepick atop the huge blue wall, the first grind ever accomplished at the ramp's upper limits. The photos got some decent play:

Paying in Pain official results:

Nor Cal Deathmatch20

Snuggle Blog

Nor Cal Deathmatch15


Nor Cal Deathmatch23

Low Card

Broken Magazine



Special thanks to Bruce Rodela at ASF Distribution/Vertical Smile Skateboards for pumping the photos.

More photos are up on my flickr. Haven't seen my flickr yet, shame on you!

I decided based on the awesome feedback to order some prints. I got two huge 20 inch by 30 inch prints of McClain's Nosepick. One's hanging in my living room, the other is going to 6twentyone to hang in the shop. I've got a few smaller prints, if you want one, gimme a shout. Of course, Brad's got first dibs.

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FiveO said...

Truly great photography.
- Brandon @ SkateNav

dmourati said...

Brandon, thanks for pumping the photos on SkateNav. I'm honored.

FiveO said...

No, thank you for posting and sharing with everyone.