Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nor Cal Death Match #2

Nor Cal Death Match is shaping up to be the Bay Area's definitive skate series this summer. After a fantastic debut at Surf & Skate, the next stop moved to the newly improved ramp at 6TwentyOne in Livermore.

Walking up to the shop on 1st street in downtown Livermore, a view through the shop windows revealed first glances at the ramp improvements. Silhouttes of ready skaters could be seen through two sets of windows facing Blue Bar, indicating the new width of the ramp was getting heavy traffic.

Arriving at the front door of the shop, it was clear that Nor Cal Death Match turns out dedicated skaters and skate fans from all around. The shop was packed! First order of business? Cop a Skiddmark Magazine. Side note, the Brain Scrabble was a good idea, and I'm down with codes and whatever so I sat down to do it. What a freakin gyp!

Mag and stickers acquired, I handed it off to Jodi for safekeeping and got busy shooting. As I came back to get more gear, the magazine was being poured over by several curious onlookers. Mike O kindly provided more copies and I handed them out to spread the good word.

VS were in the house once again and Bruce was steady slangin' Nor Cal Death Match boards. He was also seen rather conspicuously darting in and out of the bathroom and across the ramp clutching a small Macy's shopping bag to his side.

A quality event at the hottest shop going. Keep your eyes peeled for more footage from Bond and great photos from Ericksen, Chantry, Rossmiler, and our course, Skidmark.

Hard Goods

Independent Trucks at 6TwentyOne

New Friends

Juan and Mary

Getting Inverted

Rat Face Invert

Rat Face killing it with some of the most aggressive skating of the night.

Rat Face Boneless

Sweaty Mess

Hometown Hero

As predicted, Brad took home first honor. Here's a rare look at a new McClain deck before its been shredded to pieces.

Brad and New Setup

Speaking of rare McClain moments, check out this bailshot.

Rare McClain Bail

Meat Juice

Ryan Stalefish

Meat Juce

Shout out to the MC

MC With his Hands Full

Skidmark Skatemag

Vinnie Goes off the Wall

Legend Status

Bruce and Posse

Noggin and T.A.!

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FiveO said...

Sweet post Demetri! Bummed I didn't make it out last night.