Thursday, August 19, 2010

Art'N'Soul San Jose: Third Times the Charm

Last night we had another Art'N'Soul party at San Jose's Voodoo Lounge. The music was bumpin' nad the action was fast and furious. I really dug the Midtones, who played an early set. On the steel wheels we had DJ RS2 and CoCo.

CoCo Peace

The headline band was TrashKannon. Those guys were nuts.

Some familiar faces hit the skate ramp along with some newcomers. It took me a few times to get my lighting dialed in for shooting inside the dungeon that is Voodoo Lounge.

Peep the previous results on the blog and on my flickr from the two past events.

5-27 blog|5-27 flickr

6-26 blog|6-23 flickr

Third Time's the Charm

Josh Boardlisde

Noggin Smith

Noggin, Report to the Dancefloor

Daniel Boneless

Noggin Hurricane

Stepping Outside

TrashKannon was loud as hell. I had to get out side to chill out for a bit.

Juan and Steve Caballero


More Skating

Jordan Early Grab Blur

Check out my Board

Smith Grind

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