Monday, August 09, 2010

Bruce's Ramp Jam 8-7-2010

Bruce came into some skatelite left over from the X Games and redid the mini in his backyard. This was cause for celebration. About 15 minutes after the construction was complete, we showed up to document the skate frenzy and BBQ that ensued.

Bruce Holdin Court

Party's Getting Rough

The skate surface was fast and furious.

Mike hooked up some new Skidmark Skatemag buttons. We discussed Skidds origins and poor spelling over beers in between laps on the ramp.

Mike FS Board Slide

Mike Skies off the Boneless

Jesse spent time coaxing his grom buddies to drop in on the ramp, rolling blunts, and throwing down feeble grinds.

One Chance Tych

Three local youngsters showed up to sample the new goods. To be honest, they skated harder and faster than most of the older dudes. Here's Justin, Jesse, and Tanner.

Justin Pivot

Justin BS Feeble

Jesse Front 5-0

Tanner Extension Rock

The fastest and most aggressive runs of the night belonged to Jack. He was rippin' as usual. Here's a deadly backside feeble.

Jack BS Feeble

Thanks to Bruce and the VS crew for inviting us to help bring in the new ramp in style.

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