Thursday, April 27, 2006

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brochure.pdf (application/pdf Object)

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Judy123 said...

Not sure am on the right post but your blog popped up on google enquiry - So I am trying to make a choice btw 2 call centre applications(Aheeva and Aspect)on behalf of my company. Not exactly a Techie but have good background in customer service. My current project requires that I review and recommend a good one for our existing call center, so far I have these two choices and I am lost!
Please Help, Dmourati!

dmourati said...

I don't know great detail about either of Aspect or Aheeva. Aspect is part of the "old guard" of call center solutions and is an established player. Aheeva is a new school solution that leverages open source software. To make a good decision you'll need to know how many agents you need to support, in what locations, and what features are important to your business. From there, I would suggest asking each vendor for a reference customer that is in your industry to see if they are satisfied with the solution.

A third option, which I'll through out there is the Nuasis NuContact Center, now probably known as something else from Intervoice. I helped build this solution for Nuasis before they were bought so I can say it is quality stuff that works well for many of their customers.

Good luck.