Sunday, September 23, 2007

Score! Here's my Haul from the Farmer's Market

I'm lucky to have a farmer's market within a mile of my home. When you consider that this is California, where much of the produce is organically and locally grown, and the fact that the market is every week, year-round, I just feel downright guilty whenever I miss it. Today was a great haul. Here are the goods I was able to score:

1 bag organic baby spinach: $2.50 (S)
1 pint blue curl honey: $8.00
2 pepper smoked salmon fillets (1.5 pounds): $25 (S)
3 Olympic Miyagi oysters: $4.50
1 Shrimp and crab tostada:: $5.00
2 flats raspberries $5.00 (S)
3 flats strawberries $5.00 (S)
4 pluots: $0.75
1 bag almonds $5.00 (S)
1 bag walnuts $5.00 (S)

I had the oysters and tostada for lunch while walking around and shopping. Then I came home, and made a huge salad with the baby spinach and one of the salmon fillets. I tossed in a cucumber I had and also an avocado.

The salmon fillet was over a pound which was a bit much but I enjoyed it anyway . I'm going to cut up some strawberries for a protein shake tonight and tomorrow morning for breakfast.


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