Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Bring a Snorkel

My snow obsession has officially started. For the next four months, please forgive the glassy look in my eye and distant gaze off into oblivion as I day dream about snowflakes falling on mountain sides around the world.

Today, I was checking one of my favorite resources, when I read the following:

Friday and Saturday -//> It looks like our prediction from last Saturdays forecast (Dec 29th), "By next weekend, the 4th onward, we see a lot of precipitation on the way in the form of multiple foot snowfall", is on track. We expect strong storms to move through Friday through Sunday morning, with absolutely epic snowfall totals expected. Bring a snorkel! We initially see somewhat high snow levels Friday, but this is indicative of the huge amount of moisture associated with this first storm. It looks like everything will be working for us weather-wise, with strong orographics, deep and copious moisture, plus other dynamics at all levels. Winds are expected to become very strong through this period, so please be prepared for that along with blowing and drifting of heavy snow, especially through the passes. The NWS may be issuing a blizzard warning for this time frame, to cover the winds and low visibility expected.

When these guys say things like "epic" and "bring a snorkel" it really drives home the obsession I have with huge snowfalls. So, I immediately went to my local ski hookup, and was delighted to learn that they have a weekend trip all setup for me that includes one day of skiing at favorite Squaw Valley, known locally as "Squawllywood" and next-door resort Alpine Meadows. With all this snow in the forecast, it is possible that some will not be able to make the treacherous journey over the Donner Pass. Sucks to be them as I roll 50 deep in a tricked out motor coach. Chain patrol? No problem. Our driver knows how to hook those up in no time while we leave all the silly snow newbies fumbling and bumbling. Even if we do get there late on Saturday, who cares? We have the whole day and night at Squaw followed by a guaranteed early morning the next day at Alpine. All signs indicate this is going to be one helluva weekend!

More to follow from the Back of the Bus!


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