Monday, January 28, 2008

Ten New Ways to Use Your Blackberry

Sure the Blackberry is great for email, but you already knew that. The device has so many uses I bet you can find at least one here you haven't tried:

10. Alarm clock - Just pick a good sound.
9. GMail - Best email experience out there, now on your Blackberry.
8. Flashlight - Just turn it on by spinning the wheel, works great late night.
7. Maps - Google Maps on Blackberry now has My Location. Get it!
6. Poker - Midnight poker is tons o fun.
5. Calendar - Write stuff down and sync it to your office calendar with Google Sync.
4. IM Client - Install Yahoo Instant Messanger and pretend you are at your desk.
3. SSH Client - Idokorro makes an SSH client for the Blackberry.
2. Notes - Write down books to read, movies to add to netflix, things to buy at the drugstore.
1. Wireless Modem - Hook it up to your laptop and use it like a modem.

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