Tuesday, January 29, 2008

How Not to Install Linux

X86Virtualization gives a great example of how not to install Linux.

Before installing VMware Server, you should do a clean install of Ubuntu Linux, this is a step by step guide to guide your through the process...


I install Linux nearly every day. Sometimes, as many as 20 times in a day. So do my colleagues. We get it right every time. Do you know how we get it right every time? Do you think it is by following a 34 step process?


It is by following a one step process. Power cycle the box. Yup, that's it. Power cycle the box.

It's called PXE boot friends, and it is hands down the only way to do things right.

Sure, you're some guy dorking around at home with Linux for the first time? By all means, download the CD. Spend the day goofing around with it. But be prepared to do it over again. And then over again.

But if you are working with server hardware, and still installing from CD, you have already made your first mistake.

For more information on how to do things the right way, check the Cobbler project.


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Brad said...

For enterprise Environments, network booting has always been the preferred method. For SMB, which is where I was aiming with this my post, They generally don't have a network boot server. I appreciate the post on your blog, and will be linking to it, from the original post, so people understand there are other options besides ye olde media installations.


dmourati said...

Yea, you are right Brad. Chalk it up to me messing around with Digg. Sorry for the snarky post.