Wednesday, June 04, 2008

New Tires and Tubes

I decided to upgrade my bike by adding new tires. The bike came stock with cyclocross tires which are 35 mm in width and have quite a tread on them. To replace the stock tires, I chose Schwalbe Stelvio tires which are just 23 mm in width and with no tread.

To accommodate the slimmer tires, I also upgraded the inner tubes. For tubes, I chose Qtubes 700cx18-23 mm with a 48mm presta valve.

A quick test ride up the block and back revealed what you might suspect, the bike is faster! This is good news for me as I've been riding with the clunker tires since I got the bike. I'll take a longer ride on Saturday or perhaps Friday and see what my average speeds look like before and after the switch.

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