Friday, June 20, 2008


I'm sitting in the Pittsburgh airport waiting for some friends to arrive from Chicago. As I peruse the RSS feeds on Google Reader I come a cross a post by Matt Assay confirming the open source release of Red Hat Network, codename Spacewalk.

I've been a RHN customer for most of my professional career. I helped bring Satellite Server, Red Hat's flagship system management platform to my past employer where we leveraged the software to great success.

At my new gig, we are running an open source derivative distro of Red Hat called CentOS. One of the major features lacking with this approach has been the abillity to manage updates and patches for a large number of distributed systems. Spacewalk fills that void.

I'm excited to start playing with this new software and using it to better maintain our existing infrastructure. I was also pleasantly surprised to see a related project, cobbler, mentioned as the first integration point in Red Hat's rollout of the new platform. We've been using cobbler to manage our system deployments for the past year or so and I'm active on the mailing list for that project. When two software projects dovetail together so nicely, it makes the job of any architect much easier.

Hat's off to Red Hat for finally getting around to releasing Spacewalk in open source. I have some work to do, but it will be both fun and familiar.

Here come my boys, gotta go.


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