Saturday, December 27, 2008

2008/2009 Ski Season: Day5

Sugar Bowl

Heavy Trees Redux

We got to Sugar Bowl at 9:00 AM on the button on the Bay Area Ski Bus. Tahoe in general has been hammered by storms throughout the past week. Sugar Bowl got probably 2 feet of fresh since Christmas.

I took one quick run on the Judah lift which served a groomer/terrain park.

We spent the morning on the White Pine lift teaching a new skier how to ski for the first time. The sides of the trail were 1-2 feet of fresh while the run itself was all groomed for the beginners.

The best skiing of the day was on the Disney side of the mountain. Off the Disney Express, the Crow's Traverse gave access to Strawberry field which was tree runs jammed with fresh powder.

Lines were pretty short, the weather was great, and we got a trace amount of snow to boot.

Great day at Sugar Bowl!

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