Friday, December 12, 2008

Junior Meteorolgist in Training

This time of year, I put on my weatherman hat and turn into a junior meteorologist. I can tell you how the wind is blowing at Squaw, or how much powder fell at Alta. I'm talking about skiing. It is my winter passion and I am absolutely licking my chops.

I've scheduled a ski trip to Utah for December 20-24th. I've been there before, and I loved it.

The snow is already in good shape at Snowbird, with a 32" base. They got 8" earlier this week and another 1-2 feet are on the way.

Perhaps more impressive is the storm heading for Tahoe right now. My sources predict 3+ feet of snow in Tahoe between now and Tuesday.

If you are looking for snow information, specifically Tahoe for the rest of the season, or SLC for the next week, stay tuned!

Additional Sources:
Best for predictions What's fallen as of this morning Up to date snowfall including today

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