Saturday, June 16, 2007

Forty Miles to Freedom and a Lucky Lady

Once again, I got out on the open road for another 40 Miles to Freedom ride. It turned out just shy of 40 miles and I completed the journey in 2 hours, forty-five minutes. Not bad. I felt considerably better on the climbs today. Somehow, I had more energy. It could have been the bag of almonds I had stashed in my jersey or simply the fact that I'm getting better on the bike.

Tonight, I'm meeting a lucky lady for dinner. She had aversion to much of the ethnic fare I would have normally suggested so we're going to Tied House in about an hour. I think she'll like the outdoor seating as well as the opportunity to check out some sports after dinner on the big screens.

Full throttle to full bottle and full full clout and I'm out.

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