Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Roberts Market Woodside

Today, I ran into a friend on the Caltrain on my way home from Kung Fu. He and I are always on the same train Tuesday and Thursday evenings. I was talking to him about the Giro de Peninsula ride I have planned for this Saturday and how we would be heading up to Portola/Woodside. He mentioned that he had just come from there and that he worked near the intersection of Woodside and Canada Road. I have just recently blogged about my trip up there last Saturday and mentioned Bucks. He indicated that in fact, he works at Robert's Market across the street.

The market sounds like a very classy grocery store. I plan to head in there for a sandwich at least and maybe even do some shopping.

Apparently Jerry Rice and Larry Ellison are both customers there. I knew Ellison lived up there and grew up hating Jerry Rice as a Cowboys fan.


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