Saturday, July 26, 2008

vSNAX Videos Featured on Mediapost

Content Targeting

Contributing writer Steve Smith for MediaPost Publications had this to say about vSNAX Videos in his article The Ad Store:

Rhythm NewMedia, which already runs ad-supported video channels in the U.K., has far and away the most sophisticated iPhone app so far. The player window lets you browse other clips while the main clip runs dimly in background. Rhythm pulls in some of its major media partners like CBS News, Ripe TV, VH1 and Ford Models. In addition to the obvious brand extensions and branded video placements, the interface itself offers ample opportunities for pre-rolls as well as overlays. Both Pandora and vSNAX seem to understand better than some others in this catalog the fundamentals of the content business. If you create lush and appealing editorial environments, then advertisers will want to be there.

For more from Steve Smith, check out the minsider Blog.

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