Thursday, March 16, 2006

$1000 Laptop

"Hardware is a small part of the cost" of providing computing capabilities, he said, adding that the big costs come from network connectivity, applications and support.

Bill Gates mocks MIT's $100 laptop project - Yahoo! News

You know what I like about Microsoft?


You whow what I like about Bill Gates?


Yesterday I could have appluaded him for his humanitarian efforts, cover of Time, all that jazz. But now? What kind of sick bastard endows a foundation with $29 million for global health and learning then turns around and slams the $100 laptop?

It's a project from MIT. Oh, yea, I guess those guys don't know what they are talking about.

$100 laption, pshaw.

No, what you really need is my $1000 "ultra mobile computer." Just say that with your geekiest voice "ULTRAMOBILE COMPUTER!! UBC!! NNNAAAAA NAAAA"

What Is the Ultra-Mobile PC you ask?

The Ultra-Mobile PC is a new kind of computer. It combines the power of Windows XP with mobile-ready technologies that make it easy to access and use your software on the go.

With small, lightweight, carry-everywhere hardware designs, you can connect and communicate, accomplish any task anywhere and at any time, and be entertained and informed wherever life takes you.
Would whoever wrote that please stand up and report for beating with a wiffle ball bat?

Thank you.

So, what OS do you suppose runs on the MIT project?

Ask Nicholas Negroponte.

The machines, which will run a version of the Linux operating system, will also include other applications, some developed by MIT researchers, as well as country-specific software. "Software has gotten too fat and unreliable, so we started with Linux," he said.

Hmm. Sounds about right.

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