Monday, March 06, 2006

Open Season On Open Source?

There's an interesting article in BusinessWeek about the future of Open Source after Oracle's recent maneuvers with Innodb, MySQL, and JBoss. The cool thing is that the open source project the writer picked to anaylyze is none other than Nagios, one of my favorite tools.

Open Season On Open Source?

See also my earlier blog post about integrating Splunk with JBoss and the reference at the end to the Oracle situation.

Splunk Integration with JBoss

When I contacted Ethan Galstad to notify him of the article, he was kind enough to let me know that it is posted on the Nagios site under the propoganda section here:

Nagios Propaganda

He also posted a reply to a blog on InfoWorld here:

InfoWorld Blog

I tend to agree with Ethan on his main point that the Open Source community behind projects like Nagios and a corporation seeking to "buy in" to such a community have differing objectives and motivations. What still remains unclear to me, however, is to what extent dangling money in front of successful Open Source leaders will lead to a bastardization of the community. I'm hopeful that folks like Ethan will continue to show resolve and resist the temptation but I can also understand those who are willing to accept the risks of meddling in order to make a living off their hard work. Time will tell.

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