Thursday, March 16, 2006

Splunk Integration with Firefox

OK, so this isn't much of an integration, per se. But a nice tip nonetheless.

I've been doing a lot of splunking lately. Here's one tip I wish I had back when I got started.

First, upgrade to Fifrefox 1.5. I downloaded a linux tarball here:

Go to Edit->Prefences
Select Tabbed Browsing
Select "New Tab" from the "Load Web Browswer Links into a:" pulldown.

Note, under windows, the option was slightly different. There I had to
Go to Tools->Options->Tabs

Force Links That Open New Windows in:
* a new tab

Next, for either platform, open the following url in your location bar:


Look for the preference name

Set it to 0.

Now when the JavaScript windows for SplunkBase pop up in the Check links, they resulting page will open in a new tab instead of a new window.

One more tweak was to overcome irritating messages about unresponsive scripts. I used about:config again this time to set


to 30

Other users have reported a similar need to tweak the script runtime max for Yahoo sites as well as gmail.

Here's more info on the above:


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