Friday, October 12, 2007

Taqueria Marlen

Today we had a special lunch at work. My boss was back after two weeks leave celebrating the birth of his first born son. We had two colleagues in from India. When lunch time rolled around, we decided to follow my boss's suggestion and check out Taqueria Marlen. This place is no joke! I have a real penchant for Mexican food. I eat super healthy and I'm on a fairly strict nutrition program. But, today, the factors were just right I decided to splurge and go for it.

Here's the dialog of me talking to the lady at the counter to place my order:

D: "I'll have a torta, carne asada..."
L: "Okay"
D: (Looking at menu some more) "...And two taco's carne asada..."
L: "Oka.....y"
D: "No, make that three tacos' carne asada!"
D: "And a chicken taco!" (not really, inside joke)

Here's a review on Chowhound from a previous trip there that also contains my comment.

I've also found a Yelp review.

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Eric said...

All roads lead back to a chicken taco.