Thursday, October 04, 2007

2000 Miles and Running

I ride a bike nearly every day. The bike is a Bianchi Axis 2004 Cyclocross bike and I love it. Yesterday marked a significant milestone, 2000 miles clocked on the bike. I thought it was appropriate that I hit the 2000th mile on the way to the gym.

I've also got a entry for my mile marker 990.

I bought the bike just over three years ago. That works out to about 55 miles per month, not bad, eh? I think I can do better, though.


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Eric said...

Cool. I'm currently riding a Trek 1500. Vintage 1986, original components, near-mint condition. I mostly ride it on the weekends to Aimee's when I leave my car parked in the garage. Chicago's not very bike friendly, no matter what Daley says.

dmourati said...

Nice. I've got a big ride planned for this weekend. Check it:

Details to follow.