Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Well I'm a Six Point Seven on the Ricter Scale

Well, I'm A Six Point Seven On The Richter Scale
I've Got Rhymes Gallot And Then I Never Fail
Like Gravy On Potatos, Luke To Darth Vader
I'm A Souped Up Sucker And I'll See You All Later

- Mike D, Do It

I experienced my first earthquake today. I was getting down with some Wu Sau Si Lim Tau Kung Fu when all of the sudden, my Chi started flowing in very strange ways. The walls began to shake and I thought, "so that is what they mean by feel the power." For about 20 seconds, I felt extreme energy flowing through my system.

In reality, it wasn't my Chi that caused the vibrations, rather it was a 5.6 earthquake centered around San Jose.

Caltrain was messed up on the way home. The train was about an hour late and was going along at just 20 mph checking for damage. I will try to be more careful with all that power going forward.

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Anonymous said...

Rock rock, alum rock, rock, you don't stop.