Monday, October 01, 2007


So, today I turn 33 years old. Looking back on the past year, here's a brief recap of what has gone on in my life.

October 2006, spent wonderful weekend in San Francisco enjoying the high life.
November 2006, trip with Andy out to Philly to check out G Love for two sold out shows. (Can't go Back to Jersey). Started investment and savings accounts.
December 2006, took trip up to Lake Tahoe with Mom and Andy to go for ski trip and holiday retreat at Squaw Valley. Dinner at the "Plump(er) Jack."
January 2007, Started out 2007 on a high note taking down over $1000 from local poker tables. Hit up Kirkwood for another ski weekend. Began seriously looking into improving my health. Enrolled in company 401k. Started taking Wing Chun Kung Fu again. Trip to London. Trip to Chicago to do the Superbowl Shuffle.
February 2007, Began tracking my food intake on
March 2007, Epic ski day at Northstar. Fell in love with my Volkl Mantra 184s. Saw the Wailers open up for G Love and won free skis which I traded in for custom ski boots.
April 2007, Ski trip to Utah with the crew. Ripped it!
May 2007, Picked up newest Beastie Boys Album, The Mixup.
June 2007, Did the 2007 Giro di Peninsula.
July 2007, Met Jodi at the Farmer's Market in Mountain View. Second trip to London for 2007. Made my target weight. Tackled Old La Honda.
August 2007, Crazy month. Went back to Chicago for Family Reunion. Here's the recap.
September 2007, Started to get serious. Said goodbye to a friend.

As you can plainly see, it's been a great year. I feel the best I have in over a decade. I'm happy, my life is in balance. I've got everything I could want and very little I don't. I've reached all the goals I set out for myself and started new ones.

Hopefully this time next year it will be more of the same.


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Telly Savalas said...

Not to mention the year of the Kojak!

Happy birthday my friend.

Eric said...

Happy Birthday, BroThar. Welcome to the approximately one third club.