Friday, August 15, 2008

Cast of Characters in ServerTweak Saga

This whole ServerTweak situation came a head over the past 48 hours. It's time to spell out the whole cast of characters that had to get involved in this unfortunate mess.

1. Ivan Gonzalez ServerTweak
2. Ramesh, E-Unibus
3. Demetri (me)
4. CRG West (colo facility)
5. Jameson Agraz, CRG West
6. Leslie Cook, CRG West
7. Sgt Max Nobida, Milpitas Police
8. Officer A. French, Milpitas Police
9. Officer Mark Doyle, Milpitas Police
10. Niki Gonzalez ServerTweak
11. Melissa Harrison, Accounts Receivable, Hurricane Electric Internet Services

I want to capture this post from Ivan in case he gets smart and deletes it.

Ok, this thread is getting out of hand a bit. But a few things i have to say. I'm not going to say any names but below is the cause then action we take, normal practice to any colocation provider

All colo clients are under contract, if a client wants to leave all invoices needs to be clear and/or cancellation fee's plus release form all needs to be faxed in. If client fails to sign and/or clear his/her invoices/cancellation fee then we hold the right to remove your access.
Officer made a mistake, Chief of Milpitas knows and called me after the fact and is taking care of this mistake forcing Valley Exchange to remove servers that was under contract, this where lawyers and court system comes into play not the officers.

In this case, that's what happen. client had 7 months left and he/she open a ticket letting us know he like to remove servers and not come back. We agreed but only to pay the fee and sign the release form. Client did not like the facts, and try to bully us and Valley Exchange. Next thing i know Officers showing up at Valley Exchange demanding to remove servers. I was clear to the Officers that client is under contract and left it as is.
Make a long story short, Chief (Stevenson) Officer boss called and told me that the officers made a mistake and can not be between a business to business contract and will be calling back to get the resolve correctly.

The move from Fremont to Milpitas was done months ago not weeks or days, we did not know or the client reported that he did not want to move. Mass emails 1-2months then weeks and days *before* the move even happen, this was a plan move. If client had a problem with the move then it should of been reported sooner. Client was with us for 17 months never reported any problems until few days ago. We are sorry to see him go, but we follow the company rules and contracts.

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