Thursday, August 14, 2008

How I Beat a ServerTweak, a Colo Provider Trying to Hold Systems Hostage

How I beat ServerTweak

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Hi All,

Here's a tip for all of you suffering under the new ServerTweak colo at Valley Exchange, Milpitas. It goes out to any other unfortunate souls who have been bullied by this incompetent and unethical company. I want to reach out specially to anyone whose servers were moved from HE in Fremont to this Milpitas facility without their consent. It happened to a lot of us, I'm sure.

1. File a ticket servertweak. com. Ask Ivan to put you on the list for physical access to your servers. He will specify "no removal" because he thinks he is smart.

2. Wait for the confirmation to come back from him, permitting access. This shouldn't take too long.

3. Show up to the facility, sign up, and get your badge. Make sure you have a copy of your contract with Ivan from the HE Fremont location, your initial quote and a list of all your equipment with original receipts.

4. Have security escort you to his rack where he stored your equipment.

5. Remove the equipment and put it in the wheelbarrow right there

6. Call the Milpitas Police (408) 586-2400. Speak Sgt Nobida, Ofcr Doyle, or Officer French. Tell them you are at Valley Exchange, Milpitas, 1656 McCarthy Blvd and that you need a "civil standby."

7. Take the equipment outside and wait for the Police. They should be there shortly.

8. If you all do this now, you can get out of your contract with Ivan. You see, he broke his contracts with each of you by moving your equipment from HE to Valley Exchange. If you want out, now is the chance.

Any questions just ask.

And oh yea, is in possession of all the documentation for the above.



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