Monday, August 11, 2008

vSNAX Videos Live One Month, Here's What Our Users Say About the Service

vSNAX Videos, the free video player app for your iPhone of iPod Touch has been live for one month.

What better way to give a glimpse to just how good this service is than straight from our users.

love it! when can I search for videos?


Very cool app you have put together. I love all of the up to date videos that are come in, and right after they actually happen. I just watched the news on the Obama cartoon and I got on here five minutes later to see find the news reel I'd just watched. Again very cool.

However I have a complaint. The volume ajuster is very weird be buggy. If u could take a look at that I would very apprecite the improvements to this awesome program.


First class job on this app. I and many will love the ability to scroll for video wile watching. This is a chanell surfer's dream come true.
Ed: Name Redacted

really cool channels but the videos always stop playing and then won't play. also can't wait for G4 tv but I hope I'll be able to view it cause of the video stopping

Email address: withheld

Hey I wanna see more music vids on here:) thank for the app

Email address: withheld
Great, great, great! Love ur app!!
Maybe a Cnet tv, maybe Comedy central adds would my you dominate!

Email address:

Spike tv is a tease.... You should have an adult channel

Hop on over to our site and download vSNAX Vidoes for yourself
. It's free, and as you can see, we read your feedback so you'll have an opportunity to help us shape this service.

What videos would you like to see for free on your iPhone?

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